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In 1999, Beijing Orient morning view technology co., ltd. was officially registered as a leading agent of Lakeshore company.

Lakeshore is one of the leading manufacturers and developers of low temperature acquisition and measurement, magnetic measurement products. In 2001, Lakeshore company officially authorized Oriental morning view as the after-sales service and maintenance center in China and the asia-pacific region. In 2004, Lakeshore authorized Orient morning view as an OEM supplier to produce the high-precision type 410 gauss meter, which is sold worldwide.

During the ten years when acting as the agent of Lakeshore products, Oriental morning view has learned and accumulated rich knowledge and experience in low temperature and magnetic measurement products, laying a solid foundation for the future independent product development and production of Oriental morning view.

In 2000, obtained the agency of Quantum Design company in the United States, mainly acting as PPMS (comprehensive physical property measurement system) and SQUID test system.

In 2000, obtained the dealership in China of a British Cryogenic company. Cryogenic companies are well known for producing strong magnetic fields and Cryogenic systems, supplying strong magnetic fields and Cryogenic equipment to Cryogenic research institutes and materials laboratories in various countries.

In 2000, dongfang morning view developed the magnetic ring table magnetic distribution test system, which is the first product developed by the company and the first set of magnetic ring table magnetic distribution test system in China.

In 2003, Oriental morning view established r&d and production department in Beijing changping huilongguan. Research and development: low temperature, magnetic acquisition and measurement equipment.

In 2004, dongfang morning view successfully developed various kinds of variable temperature cryogenic thermostat, teaching cryogenic hall, electrical conductivity and ac magnetic susceptibility system.

In 2005, dongfang morning view successfully developed high-precision digital electromagnet power supply and various kinds of electromagnet. Designed for scientific research to provide a high stability of the magnetic field platform. And successfully sold to the United States, Britain, Italy, Singapore and other countries.

In 2006, dongfang morning view successfully developed the electric transport property test system. The measurement system can measure hall effect, i-v characteristic, r-t characteristic and r-h characteristic. Its testing functions and technical indicators have been able to reach the world's advanced level.

In 2007, it became the superconducting power supply maintenance service center of general medical appliance (GE) in China.

In 2008, we developed and produced 3d helmholtz coil and 3d power supply. It is mainly used to shield the geomagnetic field and generate weak magnetic field.

In 2008, the gp-3 built-in gaussian meter was successfully developed. This gauss meter is mainly used with the electromagnet power supply, no shift switch, the full range of magnetic field is displayed. With the use of electromagnet power supply, the closed-loop control field can be realized and the control field speed can be increased rapidly.

In 2009, the company obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

In 2009, we successfully developed high temperature and strong magnetic field annealing furnace. This equipment is suitable for soft magnetic materials and all kinds of materials that need high temperature, high vacuum and strong magnetic field for annealing. Temperature from room temperature to 1000 ℃; Magnetic field range 0-1.2t; Through the software control, the magnetic field annealing furnace is more automatic and programmed.

In 2010, tc-280 temperature controller was successfully developed. This temperature controller is suitable for all kinds of thermometers, such as diode, platinum resistance, thermocouple, etc.

Wuhan office was established in 2011.

In 2011, the electromagnet power supply obtained the European CE certification.

In 2012, we successfully developed the superconducting magnet power supply, which is widely used in the field of high-energy physics accelerator and other industries.

In 2012, the diode temperature sensor was successfully developed, whose performance and index reached the same kind of foreign products, and the thermometer with a temperature range of 2k-500k could be calibrated.

In 2013, we successfully developed a constant current power supply with a stability better than 3ppm/hr, and its performance has reached the international leading level.

In 2014, the surface magneto-optic Kerr effect test system was successfully developed.

2014 zhongguancun high-tech enterprise qualification.

In 2015, it obtained the qualification of Beijing high-tech enterprise.

Shanghai office was established in 2016.

In 2017, the cryogenic vacuum probe station was successfully developed.

Xi 'an office was established in 2017.

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