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The molecular worm gear pumps we use have been fine, and I would like to ask if the molecular turbine pumps would have problems if the UPS for the mass spectrometer did not work and the power went out? The impact of a power failure on a molecular turbine pump is of course huge, the blades at high speed suddenly lose power and stop, it is easy to break. Try to avoid sudden power failure!  Power failure is not a big problem, will not cause a large airflow impact, so the blade will not explode.  No horror you say, that is also for the molecular turbine pump power cut off instantly ...
Release time: 2020 - 02 - 11
Electromagnetism belongs to the invisible wave-like existence, is the development of physics to a very high level, which prompted people to begin to produce a certain understanding of electromagnetism. Electromagnetic phenomenon is not only prevalent in life, in many precision equipment will often have a certain impact on the operation of the equipment, and magnetic measurement system is to measure the electromagnetic and the existence of a high-tech products. So what is the reason why the magnetic measurement system is popular among enterprise users?I. Accurate product testing data Many ...
Release time: 2020 - 07 - 11
Widely used magnetic measurement system is a set of known and unknown electromagnetic characteristics of the material can be accurately measured by understanding the electromagnetic properties of various objects can help companies in many new materials research topics are further, and develop new electrical equipment with excellent electromagnetic effect far beyond the traditional products. High-performance high-tech magnetic measurement system with high measurement accuracy and data visualization, in the end, what practical benefits can be brought to the majority of manufacturing enterprise u...
Release time: 2019 - 12 - 11

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