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East Changing Technologies, lnc was founded in 1999, is specialized in magnetic, low temperature, vacuum and electrical measurement products research and development, production, sales in one of the high-tech companies.

Product range includes:

Comprehensive test system: non-liquid helium physical property measurement system, SQUID magnetic measurement system, electrical transport measurement system, magneto-optical Kerr (moke) measurement system, magnetic field annealing furnace, 3d magnetic field probe station, hysteresis loop instrument

Magnetic field generating device: zero magnetic environment, electromagnet, superconducting magnet, helmholtz coil and related supporting power supply;

Magnetic measuring instruments: gauss meter/tesla meter, fluxmeter, fluxgate meter, nuclear magnetic resonance gaussian meter, zero gaussian cavity, etc

Equipment obtained in low temperature environment: GM refrigerator bare machine, pulse tube refrigerator bare machine, 4K/10K closed cycle thermostat, liquid nitrogen/liquid helium thermostat, dilution refrigerator, low temperature probe station, etc.;

Low temperature measuring instruments: all kinds of low temperature thermometers, temperature monitors, temperature controllers;

Cryogenic accessories: cryogenic hall sheet, liquid helium tank/liquid helium dewar, transmission pipeline and various accessories and consumables used in cryogenic measurement

Vacuum acquisition equipment: molecular pump, ion pump, diffusion pump, cryogenic pump, eddy type dry pump, oil type rotary vane pump, vacuum valve, leak detector, vacuum gauge, vacuum accessories \ connectors;

Electrical measuring equipment: electrical measuring instrument, electrical transport property (hall effect) measuring system, resistivity testing system, customized electrical test sample rod;

Other industrial products: magnetizing machine, cemented carbide magnetometer, encoder, circulating water cooler, etc.

The company starts from the well-known brand of acting abroad, but more than acting abroad brand. Continuous absorption, learning, accumulation and innovation in the process of agent sales. At present, we have independently developed a series of magnetic, low temperature, electrical measurement related instruments. At present, in addition to independent research and development, assembly and production, sales of its own products, Also acting British Cryogenic Cryoconcept company, Nanomagnetics company, France, Switzerland, Italy LE company EVAC corp., Japan's sumitomo (SHI), the United States, SHI - APD services, Huntington companies in the United States, the United States, New Zealand Group3 company Keithley company, MEDA companies in the United States, the United States, F.W. Bell company with many international famous enterprises such as business in China, and establish extensive cooperation relations with several companies in the industry.

The company has its own factory and technical service center, with offices in Shanghai, wuhan and chengdu. It is a national high-tech enterprise and qualified supplier of China national nuclear corporation. In the sales of high-tech products at the same time, to provide strong technical services and support, and to provide users with domestic and foreign peer research work information. The company is not only committed to bringing the world's cutting-edge technology to China, but also makes unremitting efforts to promote its products and technologies to the world.

Our business purpose is: honesty, struggle, innovation! With our sincere and unremitting efforts to do customers trustworthy friends! Contribute to China's scientific and technological development and economic construction

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Address: 8B, Block A, Yard 6, Longxiang Plate Making Industrial Park, Huilongguan, Changping District, Beijing           TEL: 86-10-51668833 
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