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What are the extended functions of the Physical Measurement System?

Date: 2020-01-03
Time: 155

With the continuous development and growth of domestic scientific research, more and more advanced scientific research instruments are gradually entering into China, including a platform for characterizing the physical properties of samples under different magnetic fields and temperatures - Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS), which provides users with an extensible universal interface bus, and allows users to design and build functional modules to be integrated into the system according to their own needs. It provides users with an expandable universal interface bus, which allows users to integrate their own designed and built functional modules into the system, which can be expanded into a personalized and highly evaluated physical property measurement system by taking advantage of its own temperature and magnetic field environment. So what are the extended functions of the physical properties measurement system?

What are the extended functions of the Physical Measurement System?

1Design different sample rods to realize the system of multi-faceted measurement


Physical property measurement system can realize the measurement of more physical parameters in addition to the conventional function. For example, through the external meter or impedance analyzer, the design of the sample rod, which realizes the measurement of the impedance spectrum, dielectric constant, magnetic capacitance and other dielectric properties on the platform, i.e., the use of picoammeters integrated into the physical measurement system, to achieve the measurement of the system's pyroelectric current, magnetoresistive current, such as the measurement of the temperature or magnetic field-induced ferroelectric properties, i.e., the use of ferroelectric analyzers integrated into the physical measurement system, design of the high voltage-resistant Sample rods are designed to withstand high voltage, and measurement of hysteresis lines at different temperatures and magnetic fields is realized.


2. Expanding the range with temperature control to realize a variety of testing effects


The technical advantages of the physical measurement system are reflected in its excellent temperature control function, which can utilize the superconducting magnet to realize the strong magnetic field environment of more than 10 Tesla, as well as its own components integrated in the temperature and magnetic field platform to test different physical parameters, to expand the parameter range of the original function, and to realize a variety of test results through different test units with different test rods, so as to give full play to the performance of the superconducting magnet on the temperature and magnetic field platform. Magnetic field platform to give full play to its performance.


It can be seen that in the physical properties of the measurement system, the development of their own test system is feasible and very necessary. Not only can we fully utilize the temperature and magnetic field platform to expand the parameter range of the original function as much as possible, but also can further realize the measurement of more physical parameters. Of course, the measurement of any physical parameter requires a full understanding of the significance of the physical parameter and the corresponding measurement principle, and then the use of auxiliary design software to put the idea into reality.

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