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Name: 5100系列高斯计


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F.W.BELL公司是世界上最著名的生产高斯计/特斯拉计,霍尔电流传感器的专业生产厂商,具有五十多年的生产经验,产品具有极好的品质。公司严格执行ISO9001的生产标准,生产的十多种产品不但有极高的性能价格比,而且有完善的售后服务保证。有的产品十多年前随生产线配套进入中国,至今仍然可靠使用。2004年, F.W.BELL公司在世界上高斯计的市场占有率为46%。




·       数据记录功能 ·       唯一采用DSP设计的手持式高斯计 

·       0.1 G 分辨率 ·       单位可选择高斯,特斯拉,A/M 

·       高精度 ·       2倍于竞争对手的响应频率 

·       模拟量输出及USB接口 ·       轻便手持式 

·       自动零点/自动量程 ·       极大值/极小值保持 

·       高性能价格比 ·       真有效值测量 


·       直流/交流电机测试 ·       磁体测量及分类 

·       磁场分布测试 ·       扬声器品质控制 

·       工具剩磁测量 ·       实验室应用 

·       无损探伤应用 ·       发电厂/变电站干扰磁场测量 


高斯计型号 5170 5180 

基本精度 2% 1% 

频率范围 DC - 20 kHz DC - 40 kHz 

屏幕显示采样率模拟输出采样率 4次/秒没有 4次/秒200K次/秒 

量程 3档 3档 

低量程 200G 300G 

中量程 2KG 3KG 

高量程 20KG 30KG 

分辨率 0.1G 0.1G 

单位 Gauss, Tesla, Gauss, Tesla, A/M 

显示位数 3 1/2 LCD 3 3/4 LCD 

模拟输出 - +3V F.S. 

模拟输出 - USB 


工作温度 0℃ 至 +50℃ 

储存温度 -25℃ 至 +70℃ 

电源 4节AA电池或外接电源 

尺寸 (长 x 宽 x深) 6.9' (175 mm) x 3.9' (100 mm) x 1.44' (37mm) 


5170探头型号高斯计 5180探头型号高斯计 

HTH17-0604   4' Transverse ProbeSTH17-0404   4' Transverse Probe (incl. w/5170)STH17-0402   2' Transverse ProbeSAH17-1904   4' Axial ProbeSAH17-1902   2' Axial ProbeSTB1X-0201   Ultra Thin Probe (0.020' thick) HTD18-0604   4' Transverse ProbeSTD18-0404   4' Transverse Probe (incl. w/5180)STD18-0402   2' Transverse ProbeSAD18-1904   4' Axial ProbeSAD18-1902   2' Axial ProbeSTB1X-0201   Ultra Thin Probe (0.020' thick) 


YA-111 Zero Gauss Chamber (for axial, transverse and low-field probes)

PSRD-5 AC Adapter, +5VDC Regulated Output, 110VAC Input, Domestic

PSRI-5 AC Adapter, +5VDC Regulated Output, 220VAC Input, Switching, International


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  • CFMS Series Comprehensive Physical Measurement System: Cryogenic Limited was founded in 1974 in London, UK and has specialized in the development and production of superconducting magnets for over 40 years. The company successfully launched the first commercialized liquid helium-free superconducting magnets in 1992, and has continued to develop liquid helium-free dry superconducting magnet technology for over 30 years. The company is the industry leader in the application of liquid helium-free superconducting technology and has received numerous awards from the European Union and the United Kingdom government. Oriental Chenjing and Cryogenic Limited entered into a partnership in 2000 to provide Chinese researchers with a comprehensive range of physical property measurement systems. After years of cooperation, the two companies have jointly trained an excellent after-sales service team in China, and have set up an after-sales service center in Beijing. We provide a full range of after-sales service to our customers.Cryogenic Limited is the earliest company in the industry to launch a liquid helium-free comprehensive physical property measurement system, and is currently the only company capable of providing a commercialized liquid helium-free comprehensive physical property measurement system with a magnetic field of more than 16 T. The company's comprehensive physical property measurement system is designed to measure the physical properties of the liquid helium in the liquid helium field. Its comprehensive physical properties measurement system is mainly based on the superconducting cryogenic platform (0-18T, 1.6K-400K), combined with magnetic, electrical, thermal, and very low temperature options (Helium III, dilution chiller) and other optional functions of the comprehensive physical properties measurement system. Main Parameters:
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  • ET9000 series electrical transport property measurement system is a fully automated test system integrating Hall effect, magnetoresistance, variable temperature resistance, I-V characteristics and other tests. The system takes into account the integration, shielding anti-interference ability, test circuit and sample resistance range matching and other issues often overlooked by users. Selected Keithley's electrical measurement instruments, magnetic field according to user needs to use electromagnets or liquid helium-free superconducting magnets, equipped with a dexterous measurement sample rod and rapid insertion and removal of sample cards, coupled with the full automation of the special test software, the operation is more humanized, allowing users to quickly and easily conduct electrical transport test, and obtain accurate and reliable data. In addition, the ET9000 series of transport properties measurement system has a variety of high and low temperature environment options, is a powerful tool for researchers to study the transport properties of materials.FunctionsMeasurements of Hall effect, R-H characteristics, R-T characteristics and I-V characteristics (resistivity) can be performed;Parameters can be derived: square resistance, resistivity, Hall coefficient, Hall mobility, carrier concentration and conductivity type;The variation of the above parameters with temperature or magnetic field can be plotted, as well asI-V characteristics - I-V characteristic curves for different magnetic fields and different temperatures;R-H characteristics - fixed temperature, the characteristic curve of resistance changes with magnetic field;R-T characteristic - the characteristic curve of resistance change with temperature for fixed magnetic field.Key FeaturesResistivity, Hall coefficient and Hall mobility testing in accordance with ASTM-F76 standards;Wide resistance measurement range: 100nΩ (low resistance option) ~ 100GΩ (high resistance system);The use of plug-in sample card, sample installation is convenient, while providing four-probe card, to a certain extent, to eliminate the trouble of making electrodes;The standard system can measure 2 samples simultaneously at one time, and 4 samples can be measured simultaneously by adding the option;Measurement and calculation process is automatically executed by the software, a Hall effect data can be obtained in 3 minutes;Providing a long time high stability of the magnetic field, 24 hours stability The solenoid power supply has a built-in Gaussmeter, and the magnetic field can be controlled within 0.1G from 0 to 1kG in only 20S;Select the temperature option, you can carry out the Hall effect and resistance measurement under different temperatures. Selection parametersNote: In the above three selection tables, under the assumptions of sample thickness of 100 nm, magnetic field size of 10,000 gauss, and a correction factor of 1, the accuracy of resistance testing is 2%, and the accuracy of resistivity, Hall coefficient, carrier concentration, and mobility testing is 5%. Optional ComponentsLiquid helium-free superconducting magnetic field cryogenic platform: CFMS series produced by UK Cryogenic Company, with magnetic field range of 5T~18T and temperature range of 1.6K~400K.Temperature options: liquid nitrogen cartridge, liquid nitrogen thermostat, closed-cycle thermostat, high-temperature furnace.Optical options: polar head pole with optical path, light shielding box.Other options: rotating mechanism, vacuum pump, circulating water cooling unit.
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