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Name: High temperature magnetic field annealing furnace

High temperature magnetic field annealing furnace

Product introduction: Magnetic field annealing is a common tool to improve the magnetic properties of materials. East changing research and development of high-temperature magnetic field annealing furnace can be equipped with solenoids, electromagnets, superconducting magnets and other magnetic field, with high temperature and temperature control flexibility, vacuum and other characteristics, try in all kinds of magnetic materials research work.
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High temperature magnetic field annealing furnace can be tested samples at the same time in a strong magnetic field, high vacuum, high temperature environment. At the same time can also be alone or any combination of these three experimental environment, to meet the test requirements of different samples in different environments. Scope of application: soft magnetic materials and various materials that need to be heated and annealed in high temperature, high vacuum and strong magnetic field environment.


System principle

High-temperature magnetic field annealing furnace system is a set of automatic control of magnetic field, temperature, vacuum environment to obtain the equipment. The system is connected through vacuum heating furnace, electromagnet, high-precision constant current power supply and computer as a whole to form a set of closed-loop control system. This system adopts the control mode:

Magnetic field control: Users can directly set the size of the required magnetic field through the software, read the actual magnetic field by the Gaussmeter, so as to feed back the magnetic field signal to the computer, and then directly control the output current of the high-precision constant-current power supply through the software processing, so as to realize the magnetic field required by the users;

Temperature control: set the required temperature value directly through software, which is fed back to the computer from the temperature sensor, and then control the high-temperature furnace heating controller after processing by the computer software, so as to realize the different temperatures required by the users;

Vacuum environment: the vacuum environment is obtained through the molecular pumping unit, which is displayed and monitored by the high-vacuum vacuum gauge, and at the same time, the monitored signals are transmitted to the computer.

The above control can be closed-loop or open-loop, and can also be used individually or in any combination of these three experimental environments to meet the testing requirements of different samples in different environments.

Annealing process: the sample is heated in a strong magnetic field (or non-magnetic) environment, heated to a certain temperature (set by the user according to the needs of their own), continue to add a fixed magnetic field and control the temperature for a period of time, in the case of a constant magnetic field to stop the heating cooling (inert gas can be passed into the rapid cooling). Until cooled to room temperature, turn off the magnetic field.




Main technical indicators

Vacuum chamber and main parts of the system are made of 304 stainless steel.

The vacuum obtaining system adopted in this system is molecular pump system; the vacuum measurement adopts digital vacuum meter.

System vacuum and leakage rate: vacuum chamber limit vacuum 5 * 10-4Pa (cold state); leakage rate<10-8Pa.L / s

Maximum heating temperature 1000; temperature control accuracy: ±1.

Heating with inert gas protection (option)

Natural cooling or rapid cooling by inert gas.

Equipped with magnetic field


System components

Vacuum heating furnace and controller

Vacuum obtaining and measuring equipment

Strong magnetic field acquisition equipment (electromagnets or superconducting magnets)

Circulating water cooler


Note: If the technical parameters of the products are changed, please refer to the latest paper information provided by the company.

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