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The old year has been unfolded a thousand brocade, and the new year will be a hundred-foot pole!In order to further improve the enterprise quality and productivity, our Nanjing factory carried out 5Smanagement summary and intensive learning activities this week. In the new year, we will be adhering to the innovation and pragmatic, keep improving the initial heart, in the service of science on the road steadily forward!
Release time: 2023 - 01 - 13
The Fall Meeting of the Chinese Physical Society (hereinafter referred to as the Fall Meeting, or CPS Fall Meeting in English) is an annual academic meeting sponsored by the Chinese Physical Society, which began in 1999. The purpose of the Fall Meeting is to enhance academic exchanges in the domestic physics community, to improve academic standards, to promote the overall development of the discipline of physics and to enhance the quality of personnel training. At present, the Fall Meeting has gone through 20 years, and the number of participants has gradually developed from the initial scale ...
Release time: 2022 - 11 - 17
The molecular worm gear pumps we use have been fine, and I would like to ask if the molecular turbine pumps would have problems if the UPS for the mass spectrometer did not work and the power went out? The impact of a power failure on a molecular turbine pump is of course huge, the blades at high speed suddenly lose power and stop, it is easy to break. Try to avoid sudden power failure!  Power failure is not a big problem, will not cause a large airflow impact, so the blade will not explode.  No horror you say, that is also for the molecular turbine pump power cut off instantly ...
Release time: 2020 - 02 - 11
Since the delivery of the first system in 2012, our company has sold dozens of sets of magnetic field annealing furnace system, in all walks of life under the tolerance and help of scientific researchers, our products in the performance, details, user experience and appearance of the continuous improvement, perfect day by day, would like to express our gratitude to the majority of users! We look forward to adding to the progress of domestic equipment with our joint efforts! The company released the research assistance program in 2019, a number of magnetic field annealing furnace system us...
Release time: 2022 - 04 - 25
Beijing East Changing Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed and produced electromagnet platform, by adjusting the size of the electromagnet pole head, pole head spacing, and the size and direction of the excitation current, you can accurately control the size of the magnetic field, the polarity, and the uniform zone. The main applications include: Hall effect measurements, magneto-optical measurements, magnetization measurements, hysteresis line measurements, high temperature magnetic field annealing, magnetic resonance imaging and so on.About the advantages of East Changing electromagn...
Release time: 2021 - 09 - 22
Electromagnetism belongs to the invisible wave-like existence, is the development of physics to a very high level, which prompted people to begin to produce a certain understanding of electromagnetism. Electromagnetic phenomenon is not only prevalent in life, in many precision equipment will often have a certain impact on the operation of the equipment, and magnetic measurement system is to measure the electromagnetic and the existence of a high-tech products. So what is the reason why the magnetic measurement system is popular among enterprise users?I. Accurate product testing data Many ...
Release time: 2020 - 07 - 11
A few days ago, our company invited the State Key Laboratory of Magnetism, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, for our 3100 series of vibration sample magnetometers for the identification test, after a number of professors, experts composed of senior workers test, in the recent announcement of the results of the test.3100 Series VSM SystemsAfter the expert group's test our new 3100 series VSM sensitivity can reach 65 nemu (10s/pt), the accuracy of magnetic moment is 1%, the maximum magnetic field is 3.2T, all of them reach the level of the same type of international famous b...
Release time: 2021 - 12 - 10
So far a variety of professional physical property testing systems can be realized in the extremely low temperature and strong magnetic field of the special environment of the sample test, the use of high-end physical properties of the measurement system can be on the sample of the electrical and thermal transport and a series of functions such as a comprehensive test, accurate analysis of the material itself physical characterization and the corresponding technical characteristics, and the application of the reliable physical properties of the measurement system itself has an important role i...
Release time: 2020 - 04 - 13
Widely used magnetic measurement system is a set of known and unknown electromagnetic characteristics of the material can be accurately measured by understanding the electromagnetic properties of various objects can help companies in many new materials research topics are further, and develop new electrical equipment with excellent electromagnetic effect far beyond the traditional products. High-performance high-tech magnetic measurement system with high measurement accuracy and data visualization, in the end, what practical benefits can be brought to the majority of manufacturing enterprise u...
Release time: 2019 - 12 - 11

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